St Chad's Anglican Church
St Chad's - All are welcome


At St. Chad’s we practise the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ. This means that you may be mixing with tax collectors, adulterers, hypocrites, Greeks, Jews, women as well as men, female and male priests, lesbians, homosexuals, the disabled, thieves and other sinners, the dying, white people, black people, Asians and other faiths, strangers, heretics and people with no particular faith etc. etc. In fact, anyone like those with whom Jesus himself mixed. So beware – this is not a private club. All are welcome.

The Parish Community of St Chad’s welcomes you to worship with us at 11:00 am on Sunday morning. Your presence is a blessing to us.

Archdeacon A Paul Feheley, Priest in charge

Elivered Mulongo, Associate Priest


Diocese of Toronto  | The Anglican Church of Canada